Youth FIT Program

Spectrum Orthopedic Sport Therapy and Core Total Fitness (CTF) are now offering sign-ups for our Youth FIT program. The program runs as a six-week series of two sessions per week. Pre/post testing performed by Physical Therapists. Each training session is instructed by 1-2 CTF fitness trainers, depending on class size.

The Youth FIT Program consists of:

  • Pre/post testing measurements of vertical leap height, broad jump distance, shuttle run, plank hold, push ups, chin ups and mobility/flexibility assessment
  • Mobility/flexibility exercises and dynamic warm ups
  • Balance/coordination/body awareness
  • Plyometrics/jumping drills
  • Strength training
  • Speed and agility drills
  • Fun, sport-related activities

*Our goal is to make these young athletes move better, faster, stronger and safer*

Please contact us for more details.

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