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Rated 5/5 based on 28 customer reviews
"If I could give 1000000000 stars, I would. Rose quite literally saved and changed my life. We worked together for about a year. She is one of the few providers I've met with a strong understanding of Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). I was suffering from severe chronic neck and SI pain when I met Rose. I went from barely functioning and not having a life due to my chronic pain to now thriving in graduate school with minimal/manageable pain. Rose goes above and beyond for her patients, even advocating for her patients to their health care providers. Of all the healthcare providers I saw in CA, Rose was the only one who listened to me. I felt seen for the first time in several years and she made me feel validated in my feelings and concerns. On top of that, she is so fun to talk to and made each of our appointments enjoyable. I would move back to CA solely to have Rose as my PT again. Rose, I cannot thank you enough for all you did for me. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for you. I can only hope to be even half the provider you are."
Mar 28, 2022
"Very pleasant staff and my rehab was faster that I thought."
Oct 31, 2018
"I was treated very well and with much consideration for my knee and ankle problems. The choices of treatment were very effective. She is great! I also love their new puppy!"
Jun 04, 2018
"I'm feeling better now, pain is almost gone. They did a great job!"
Mar 12, 2018
"Completely Satisfied"
Mar 12, 2018
"I was in bad pain when I want to Spectrum. Had bilateral sciatica w/ arthritis which was affecting walking because of bad pain in my feet & legs and around my waist. After therapy and the exercises my therapist gave me the pain in my feet & legs is very minimal and I'm having pain-free days! I highly recommend Spectrum - they know what they're doing! Thank you... you are awesome!"
Mar 02, 2018
"Excellent therapy and advice from Rose. I very much improved under her expertise and always felt her genuine concern for my improvement. I also appreciated her tutorial guides/exercises for my continued work done at home. Support staff was also a very positive experience."
Jan 15, 2018
"Very pleasant staff. Rose knew what she was doing, and my rehab was faster than I thought it would take."
Dec 14, 2017
"I found SPT to be a very pleasing place to have therapy. The receptionist was very welcoming. This work was very thoughtful. I would recommend Spectrum to others."
Oct 10, 2017
"Very well prepared staff. Always cognizant of the patients best care. Very mindful of the capabilities of each person."
Sep 08, 2017
"I received superior treatment in the capable hands of Rose."
May 30, 2017
"I'm very happy I picked Spectrum for my PT after shoulder surgery. Spectrum is a smaller, friendly clinic that I felt very confortable and enjoyed going there. Best part I was able to get back in the water a month after surgery and I continued to improve with their help. Thanks Rose and all."
May 06, 2017
"Rose takes the pain out of painstaking physical therapy. I so appreciate her thoughtful care! Thank you, Rose, and thank you, Jennifer."
May 05, 2017
"Rose the owner and therapist of Spectrum Orthopedic Sport Therapy was excellent With her approach to my rehab. I had a Miniscus tear and her knowledge of rehab Techniques were varied and challenging leading to a rapid recovery."
May 03, 2017
"I was devastated when I found out I needed surgery for my ruptured ACL. The surgery was a success, but the physical therapy initially provided to me was a disaster and actually set me back in terms of my recovery. I was recommended to Spectrum Physical Therapy by a trusted co-worker. The first day I met Rose, I immediately felt physical and emotional relief. Within just days of working with Rose, my knee began to regain range of motion, and my muscles started to regain the strength I had lost due to surgery. Rose worked diligently with me during our one on one sessions, providing me with positive reinforcement every step of the way. Rose also took the time to educate me about my specific injury and recovery plan, something no one else had taken the time to do. I would strongly recommend Rose and Spectrum P.T. to anyone looking for the highest quality in physical therapy care."
Mar 29, 2017
"A beautiful facility with patient, caring staff. The building is in a quiet area of industrial buildings and parking is around the back with the front door along the side of the building, in other words, plan to walk as you can’t park by the door. When you enter there’s a nice lobby with comfortable chairs and a friendly executive assistant to greet you. I met with Ken who was patient and really took his time to listen and understand. They were also very respectful of my privacy, taking me into a private room to go over the reason I was there and health history. The gym is spacious with a nice area around each piece of equipment. In terms of comfort, space, privacy, cleanliness, and a professional, knowledgeable staff it’s the best I've seen and I’ve seen many."
Mar 29, 2017
"I have seen Ken for treatment after both knee surgery to repair a meniscal tear and again after a carpal tunnel release. In both cases, Ken quickly helped me get back to function, and ultimately back to better than before the surgery. Ken is extremely knowledgeable and capable; he is also sympathetic, caring, friendly, and he enjoys his work, all of which make the experience actually enjoyable. My surgeon was impressed at how quickly my recovery went, which she attributed in large part to Ken’s work. Ken’s staff is always happy, helpful and on top of things. I couldn’t be happier with the care and treatment I’ve received from Spectrum PT, and I highly recommend Ken to anyone I know in need of any kind of physical rehabilitation."
Mar 29, 2017
"As in all patient care, there is the good and the bad. Ken Burns is not only good he is exceptional. Over the years Ken has helped me get over various sports injuries and surgeries and helped me to avoid surgeries. Physical therapy with Spectrum is a completely different experience from high volume clinics that do more harm than good sometimes. You get one-on- one, personal attention, never a one size fits all approach. I cannot recommend Spectrum and Ken Burns more highly to you."
Mar 29, 2017
"Ken Burns has helped me to get back on track and improve my quality of life substantially. I believe that my case is probably one of the most complicated cases that Ken has ever worked on. I have visited numerous doctors and medical centers over the past 20 years chasing a cure for back spasms which caused me to lose precious sleep at night. I had radical cancer surgery at a young age, as well as, football and motorcycle injuries to the spine which caused horrible back spasms. Until Ken, the only relief I had was through pharmaceutical options like Vicodin and Flexeril which left me in a stupor much of the time. After 90 days of biweekly therapy the spasms were reduced by 90% and my dependence on pharmaceuticals has been reduced significantly. Further, I have had more and better uninterrupted sleep over the past 90 days than I have had in the past 5 years. If Ken can do this for me just imagine what he can do for you. I recommend you commit to a 90 -120 day plan with Ken and you’ll be very happy with what he is able to do for you."
Mar 29, 2017
"Over the years, after surgery and/or various injuries, I tried several different physical therapy practices. I never felt I received much personal interaction and individual attention with the different PT specialists. After the initial visits, they tended to have assistants work with me. Then I discovered Spectrum Orthopedic Sport Therapy about seven years ago. What a difference! Rose Chao-Burns was/is my PT specialist. I have worked with her on several different parts of my body over the years. Rose has always given me specialized and individual attention. I have never been turned over to an assistant ... there are none! Rose explains everything to me in great detail. I have always been greatly improved by working with her. Rose works with her husband, Ken Burns. Although I have never worked with Ken, I have watched him with his clients, and I would be very comfortable using Ken as my PT therapist as well. I highly recommend Spectrum Sports Therapy ... and I would never consider going anywhere else."
Mar 29, 2017
"I had cervical pain issues in 2010 and achieved great results with Ken and now more serious lumbar pain issues and I’m working with him again. I’ve been to two other therapy facilities and working with Ken has been more successful. He’s very knowledgeable about how the body works. Works with you 1:1 for most if not all of your session. He’s patient, encouraging, varies the routine. I was only 50% functional, (not walking without pain, not working, unable to do anything around the house, drive much distance) when I started therapy. I had injections which helped with walking but the PT was crucial to regain functionality and reduce pain. I’m back at work and continuing on an upward trajectory. Facility is conveniently located. Jennifer at the front desk is also helpful and friendly."
Mar 29, 2017
"I had three orthopedic injuries within the past year and I was referred to Spectrum by my orthopedist. I’ve seen Rose all three times and she has been knowledgeable, encouraging, and helpful with three very different injuries (torn ACL, torn hamstring, rotator cuff surgery). The facility is large, clean and with numerous machines and activities that can provide different physical therapy routines as recovery occurs. I would high recommend Spectrum and Rose."
Mar 29, 2017
"I saw Ken Burns for a few months after I had 2 artificial discs replaced a few years earlier. Ken was recommended by a friend whose wife had persistent shoulder problems for many years. After having seen several other PT’s, she saw Ken, and finally her shoulder is painless again. Ken figured out the anomalies of my body in 1 session which most other PT’s took 6 to 8 sessions to figure out. Also, his exercises helped me to strengthen my core even more. I’d seen Steve Anderson at ABA PT in San Mateo right before I saw Ken, and I highly recommend both PT’s!"
Mar 29, 2017
"I have now seen Ken Burns, owner of Spectrum Physical Therapy for three injuries over probably 10 years – hip, shoulder and hip again. I even followed him when he opened his own business because he was so good – very thorough, conscientious and knowledgeable! My husband was also treated by Ken twice – we don’t always even go to the MD first as Ken knows what is up with sports injuries. Speaking of sports, Ken is an avid cyclist and he will custom fit your bike to avoid injury – this was great for my husband who took cycling up later in life. Personally, I love the arm equipment Ken has – like a bicycle but for the arms – uses water to adjust the resistance. Finally, not many people might agree with this but I like to get his email newsletter – just in case I have slacked off, it reminds me to do my strengthening exercises."
Mar 29, 2017
"I’ve experienced numerous spine/back/hip problems over the past 20 years, and have been through at least a dozen Physical Therapists. Ken was referred by a friend at my gym, and I have to say that he is exceptionally thorough & knowledgeable. He spent one-on-one extensive time with me, unlike other PT offices where they tend to see 3 patients every 1/2 hour. His understanding of body mechanics, injuries and rehabilitation is really remarkable–he addressed the underlying etiology of my spine problems in a way that no other practitioner was able to diagnosis or treat. I highly recommend him, especially for those of you who have been seeking just the right fit for PT care, and have not been successful. Ken is a wonderful PT."
Mar 29, 2017
"I am an avid recreational cyclist with hip problems. My body had spent 20 years compensating for a deteriorating right hip joint. Two years ago I started working with Ken Burns at Spectrum to prepare for hip surgery. After surgery Ken worked with me on my recovery, using a variety of techniques including exercises, stretching and deep tissue massage. As my body recovered from the procedure Ken (and his partner/wife Rose) worked with me to restore the symmetry and strength I had lost as the joint declined. After I was sufficiently recovered, Ken helped me with my position on the bike and corrected some foot/shoe alignment problems. I now have better function in the hip (and on my bike) than at any time in the previous 10 years! Throughout my preparation, recovery and rehab the folks at Spectrum consulted with my surgeon and took care of all of the insurance requirements. I only had to show up, ready to do the work with the expert, caring (and often entertaining) staff. I have recommended Spectrum to several friends and all of them have come to depend on Ken and Rose for their health and well-being. I do not hesitate to recommend them to everyone."
Mar 29, 2017
"Over the years my wife and I have sustained a number of related exercise and non-exercise related injuries for which we have sought the expertise of Spectrum to guide us through the rehabilitation process in relieving pain and stress. Rose, one of the owners of Spectrum is terrific, and is truly passionate in her focus on relieving pain, strengthening weakness with cutting edge physical therapy. As soon a you meet Rose it becomes very apparent that she is very knowledgeable about the human body, and most importantly, how to repair it, providing advice, guidance and exercise techniques for avoiding recurrence of such injuries in the future. Just the thought of having to endure physical therapy can be very stressful. However, be assured that Rose is a good listener and she will make you feel relaxed and confident. By following her experience and expertise you will soon be on the road to better health. My wife and I highly recommend Spectrum for all your physical therapy requirements."
Mar 16, 2017
"I had a total knee joint replacement 10/17/15. I saw Rose for pre- and post surgery physical therapy. Spectrum is a great facility with all kinds of equipment to utilize. Rose is very personable, knowledgeable and positive. I actually looked forward to my appointments. And she achieved great results. I highly recommend Rose."
Mar 12, 2017